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Counseling for Adults

Life brings challenges to all of us. Perhaps you're seeking relief after struggling with the same problem for years.  Or, a current situation is bringing back old, unpleasant feelings or frustrating behaviors that you thought you had "dealt with"--and it's negatively affecting both you and other people in your life. Maybe you're experiencing something now that you've never faced before, and your normal ways of coping just aren't working as well.


Therapy is a significant resource if you are in a time of transition, confusion, loss, struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety. In a collaborative and safe environment, I will help you to identify old thought patterns that are keeping you from reaching your potential. Together, we will work to turn your problems into opportunities. You will be able to relieve pain, stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, cravings, enhance relationships with self and others, identify life goals and increase your self esteem and energy.


I practice EMDR Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which provide me with excellent tools to help you to discover the deeper meanings of the issues you are currently dealing with. These modalities enable my clients to see the bigger picture and are excellent tools for releasing trauma, desensitizing old pain and triggers and envisioning a new future. Real and lasting change can only happen when you heal the wound at its source, which can sometimes be deep inside the unconscious mind.


As a therapist for many years, I came to realize that traditional forms of talk therapy did not provide the deep healing and clear mind and somatic connection that I wanted to provide for my clients.  My training in Clinical Hypnotherapy has given me a unique, outside of the box perspective when dealing with issues of mental health. My work with you will incorporate your relationships, determination of values, mind, body and spirit, supporting you to discover your own internal knowing and strength.

What to expect from therapy:


Learn to maintain balance and inner peace.



Understand your behaviors and others to

create more fulfillment in your relationships

and life goals. Change your life by changing

how you respond to conflict.




Develop your ability to understand, empathize

and relate to your spouse, partner, children,

co-workers, business partnerships and others

with ease & grace.




Discover effective ways of dealing with your

core issues, so you feel more fulfilled & alive.

Therapy services are available in office or via secured confidential video conferencing, or phone.

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About Nancy Martin

Nancy is a Licensed Professional Counselor(LPC), Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, National Certified Counselor. Nancy's passion is helping support her client's growth process from challenges to meeting goals and attaining life long emotional and behavioral skills by utilizing client's core values.

 I provide a range of counseling services to help individuals with their mental health needs.


I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor with since 2011.  I am committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for clients to explore their issues and to find solutions. I believe in a holistic approach to counseling and strive to help clients reach their highest potential.

In office: 106 N French St., Ste.220A Breckenridge, CO 80424

Or Telemental Health

sessions available

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