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Seeking Change?

Maybe you are noticing that the natural sense of joy, vitality and peace is eluding you and your emotions are out of control.

Are you noticing that you’re lonely when others see you as successful?

Overwhelmed with life demands?​

Are your relationships in distress? Create your ideal life, love, relationships and life purpose.

Is you child struggling with behavior and relationships?

What you can expect from therapy:

Understand behaviors and how you can regulate through them to create more fulfillment in your relationships and life.

Develop your ability to understand, empathize and relate to your spouse, partner, children, co-workers, business associates and others with ease and grace.

Discover effective ways of dealing with your core issues to feel more fulfilled and alive.

You're child will start enjoying family and friends again. 

Play therapy as a tool for social and emotional wellness

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About Nancy Martin

Nancy is a Licensed Professional Counselor(LPC),Clinical Hypnotherapist, National Certified Counselor & Registered Play Therapist. Nancy's passion is helping support her client's growth process from challenges to meeting goals and attaining life long emotional and behavioral skills by utilizing client's core values.

Trees have deep roots just like your experiences that cause emotional pain. Nancy works collaboratively with adults, families, and children to help them heal and gain skills around their thoughts and actions eliminating anxiety, mood and relationship concerns. Nancy helps heal the roots of emotional pain creating a solid foundation like a healthy tree standing in it’s truth.



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